Boulder, Rock, and Stone

Photos of installation and placement projects.

Boulder placement on a hill by Backyards Plus.
Tight boulder placement to help with erosion on a hillside.
Large boulder placement project by Backyards Plus in Denver, CO.
Backyard with large rocks.
Landscaping with boulders by Backyards Plus.
Backards Plus boulder placement project.
Wall of boulders installed by Backyards Plus.
Landscaping and rock placement by Backyards Plus.
Curved rock garden by Backyards Plus.
Use stone and rock to create a backyard oasis in Denver, CO.
Small boulder accent in Denver, CO landscaping.
Large rocks and waterfall by Backyards Plus.
Boulder placement experts.
Use large rocks in your Denver landscaping.
Dry riverbed by Backyards Plus.
Colorado stone garden.
Decorative boulder Denver, CO.
Rock accents in Colorado landscaping.
Backyard with decorative rock.
Large boulder at home entrance in Lakewood, CO.
Using large rocks as landscape accent.
Unique stone in a Denver, CO backyard.
Backyard utilizing large stones and river rock.
Flowers bordering decorative rock.
Small evergreen next to decorative stone.
Use rocks in your Denver landscaping to match the surrounding environment.
Rock garden in Arvada.
Arvada yard rock garden.
Creative use of decorative rock in a Denver suburb.
Decorative rock in a Lakewood Cul-de-Sac.
Rocks and flowers in a backyard.
Stone and plant landscaping ideas.
Yard design with large stone and river rock.
Landscaping plants surrounding decorative rock.
Large rock accent in a Denver backyard.
Decorative rock with street address engraving.
Decorative rock is a popular element in Denver landscaping.
Unique decorative rock included in landscaping by Backards Plus.
Decorative boulders framing house entryway near Denver, CO.
Front yard boulder placemnt and landscaping by Backyards Plus.
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